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My motto has always been ‘we’ll figure it out and get it done’. 
I’m running for Mayor of Columbus because I see both exciting opportunities and fresh challenges as we move the City forward over the next decade.
Our residents and businesses continue to value high quality public services and amenities which support quality of life and attraction of good employees.


We want responsive public safety, well-maintained streets, fun parks and trails and a welcoming and vibrant downtown which attracts locals and visitors. I want to continue to make these happen. 

However, external challenges force us to up our game as we compete with other communities providing these same services and similar amenities, which are attractive to people who now can work and live anywhere. I want to use our legacy of innovation, creativity, partnerships, and expertise to win this competition and invest in our future. 


In the fall of 1991, I visited Columbus with my husband on a job-hunting trip. After spending two days wandering the city and meeting numerous people - we quickly decided that Columbus was going to be our new home - and we’ve been here now for 30+ years.

What was attractive about Columbus 30 years ago to a young family is still important today. Having a safe and welcoming community with good jobs, excellent schools and amenities available to everyone continues to be what attracts residents and families to Columbus.

I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of organizations since I’ve been here, which gave me the opportunity to work with diverse people – all trying to make Columbus the best place to live and do business.

I taught classes at IUPUC for ten years and saw the value of good education for our kids and adults; not only does it help provide well-trained employees for our region, but it also allows people to reach their full potential and be able to support their families and achieve their dreams.

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The care that the community of  Columbus has for each of us was so clear during my experiences working with Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County and as the Director of Volunteers in Medicine, which provides free health care to those in need. People in Columbus have partnered for generations to help their neighbors and provide what they need to be successful. The relationships I made with many community leaders during those years reinforced my view of the caring character of this city.


Over the past 6+ years, I’ve had the honor of working for the City of Columbus – serving the current Mayor as Executive Director of Administration/Community Development. My job has allowed me to work with our 450 full-time employees to provide a safe community, good roads, well-maintained parks, care of animals and reliable public services. These services provide the backbone of what a city needs for its residents to be able to go about their daily lives and pursue their life’s work.

Together we have established new partnerships with (1) Columbus Regional Health to address substance abuse through ASAP, and reimagined health, wellness and recreation with the NexusPark development; (2) Bartholomew County and Columbus Regional Health to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic; (3) Columbus Chamber of Commerce Velocities initiative for entrepreneur business development; (4) Bartholomew County School Corporation for STEM and I-Step learning; (5) multiple regional and state partners to build the west side overpass in record time; and (6) developers to implement the Envision Columbus plan which includes a new urban grocery/apartment complex and People Trail expansion. 

We've also focused on public safety needs through increased pay, benefits and training for our police and fire departments and built a state-of-the-art 12,000 s.f. public safety training facility - Evolution. 

Columbus has been good to me and my family. My husband Steve and I raised our two sons Andrew and Sam here, and they received solid educations and care from neighbors, teachers, church friends and community members. I want to make sure Columbus remains a welcoming place where the opportunities for good jobs, quality education and health care are available to all residents – but above all where we continue to care for each other and for our city.

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