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why it's important


Columbus has an enduring legacy of strong employers, excellent job opportunities, solid public services, high quality education and health care, and enjoyable amenities like community parks - all which make it a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

However, the world has changed following the pandemic. It is much easier for people to choose where they want to live as remote work becomes more available. This new reality forces us to raise our game as we compete with other communities providing similar services and amenities.

People can now work and live away from their jobs in many instances. I want to use our legacy of innovation, creativity, partnerships, and expertise to win this competition and maintain our forward progress.

First, people and businesses want to feel safe. That means continued excellent police, fire and emergency response. Safety is always job 1. 


Secondly, we need to focus on retention and expansion of existing businesses, and attracting new ones - which will create new opportunities for our workforce.  Increased economic growth allows us to maintain low tax rates but still continue to fund our educational system and amenities which we all value.


Thirdly, we need to remind ourselves of the value of a sense of belonging. This goes back to our "Welcoming Community" initiative and the fundamental question many of us ask - do I see myself, and my family successfully living here? 


Lastly, we recognize the value of the basics: good, affordable housing, strong healthcare, safe and diverse places of worship, municipal services such as safe and well-maintained streets, clean water, animal care, consistent trash pickup, water and sewer, and more. 


This is topped off by amenities like a great park system, recreation, and dining and entertainment offerings. 

This all comes together as Quality of life - being a Community of Choice.  Collectively, these elements create a vital environment which attract the next generation of employers and employees. People want to live and work here because they feel safe, valued and can pursue their potential with dignity.  Individually, we might describe what makes up quality of life differently, but we recognize it provides the diverse fabric which makes our city 'Unexpected and Unforgettable'.

This brings us back full circle to attracting and retaining employers and providing a community where not only our own children, but others want to work and build a life. We need to leverage the strong asset base we have in Columbus to provide what employers and their associates need to grow and be sustainable.

Post pandemic - it's game on. We need to be ready to win this competition using the Columbus Way - partnering with people, businesses, public agencies, schools and not-for-profits to provide a place where all of us can achieve our goals.


I want to continue our legacy of investing in the future – while taking care of what’s important today. We’re stronger when we work together - and it's amazing what we can get done. 



My To Do List

Public Safety is Job 1:

  • Attract and retain top police and fire talent with competitive pay and benefits, state of the art equipment and training.

  • Empower and expand the city’s innovative and proactive Intelligence Led Policing efforts to head off crime before it happens. Provide equipment, training, staffing and other resources to enable significant and sustainable results.


Substance Abuse Disorder and Mental Health Response:

  • As we did with ASAP, partner with health and mental health providers in response to mental health crisis to develop resources which assist first responders, schools, healthcare and families as they deal with the consequences of mental health challenges.

  • Take our response to Substance Abuse to next level with ASAP – partner on a regional level, to leverage resources and get more state and federal funding.  


Place of Choice to Live and Work:

  • Launch NexusPark into an active and dynamic hub for the community and renovate Donner Park and aquatic center.

  • Re-energize our Arts and Entertainment District downtown and create incentives to encourage and enable downtown small businesses to provide quality retail, entertainment and dining and grow our artist and artisan community.

  • Leverage our enhanced low-cost fiber-based, highspeed internet to create a Gig-City with Wi-fi hotspots and smart infrastructure which serves our students, workers, employers and residents and is attractive for start-ups and the tech industry.


Economic Development

  • To reduce the reliance on the automotive and transportation industry, continue to partner with the Greater Columbus Area Economic Development to diversify our employer base.

  • Develop more and better housing across all levels; create a Housing Development Board to recruit and incentivize developers.


 Environmental Sustainability = Economic Sustainability

  • Revamp the City’s transit system to reduce vehicles on the road and provide a win/win by getting critical and necessary employees to their jobs more efficiently and on time.

  • Regional partnership with neighboring counties and cities to identify shared adaptations to our infrastructure, operations, capital use and processes which will improve the city’s resilience to climate changes and reduce our costs.

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